Hi, I'm Mohammad Monfared.

A self-driven and passionate test automation developer who actively shares his knowledge. I'm someone with curious mind who enjoys solving a complex and challenging projects.


I am a software test automation architect (SDET) who enjoys learning and teaching, I strive to bring 100% efforts to my work. I have worked with big brands and projects on technologies like Python, JavaScript, Selenium, Cypress, Appium, etc... during my career. Throughout my career, I have worked as QA Automation Developer for over 8 years, including leading and hiring in large corporations. Beyond that:

  • I'm a YouTube instructor and creating tutorials for trending tools and technologies for QA Automation. (My Channel)
  • I'm a writer about QA/QAA on my ~12K LinkedIn page and other blogs. (My LinkedIn)
  • I'm a QA/QAA teacher for groups and individuals.
  • I'm a Mentor (top ADPlist 1% worldwide in engineering and top 50 in QA) who helped a lot of people in their career. My ADPList
  • I'm a Cypress Ambassador - Cypress blogpost about me
  • I'm a consultant and auditor for companies and help them set up successful QA/QAA plans and processes.
    • Languages: Python, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, Bash
    • Web Automation: Selenium, Cypress, Robotframework, Playwright, WebDriverIO
    • Mobile Automation: Appium, Katalon, Detox, Espresso
    • API Automation: Cypress, Postman, SoapUI, Karate
    • Desktop Automation: WinAppDriver, Winium
    • Unit/Integration test: Pytest, Unittest, Mocha, Jasmin, Jest, Puppeteer, Testing library
    • Performance test: K6.io, jMeter, Loader.io
    • CI/CD: Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Jenkins
    • Dev Envs: Docker, Kubernetes
    • BDD: Cucumber.io, Behave, Serenity
    • Reporting: AllureReport, Mochawesome, Grafana, ReportPortal
    • HTTP monitor: Fiddler, CharlesProxy, DevTools
    • VCS: GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket
    • Issue Tracker: Jira, YouTrack
    • Test management: Testrail, Jira Xray, Testlink
    • Other Tools & Technologies: Testproject.io, Swagger, ChromeDevTools, Browserstack


    Lead | Expert QA Automation Developer
    Project related:
    • Working on a large project with more than 12 million users.
    • Contributing to integration tests using Cypress + JS/TS.
    • Reviwing new PRs.
    • Integrating tests into CI/CD (Jenkins).
    • Working with high-level orchestration-based environments (Kubernetes)
    • Tools: Cypress / JavaScript / Typescript / Docker / Kubernetes / Bitbucket (Git) / Jenkins (CI/CD) / Jira / Confluence / BrowserStack / Mocha / JIRA

    DataArt Related:
    • Created internal educational courses for DataArt (Selenium/Cypress) + Review and grade participants.
    • Participated in updating the company QAA qualification matrix.
    • Run internal and external webinars. Link to one
    • Successfully mentored various mentees and helped them get new qualification level.
    Sep 2020 - Present | Yerevan, Armenia
    QA Lead / Senior QA Automation Engineer
    QA Lead
    • Led a QA team of 4 people.
    • Implemented BDD approach at organizational level and improved all SDLC flow with Shift-Left approach. To do that I had lots of meetings to explain and onboard others and finally we Implemented Gherkin syntax for acceptance criteria definitions, bug reports, and test cases. At the end we had a well-organized feature reference which was also a Living Document because of automation.
    • Hired and onboarded other QA team members.
    May 2022 - Sep 2022 | Yerevan, Armenia
    Senior QA Automation Engineer
    • Implemented a Web UI Test Automation framework from scratch using Selenium/Robot framework. Increased regression test automation coverage by 90% and smoke tests by 100%. (Number of automated features/test-cases)
    • Implemented a performance test framework from scratch using K6.io and delivered the results in the form of informative reports. This caused the development team to improve the web app performance by ~20%.
    • Implemented CI pipelines for different approaches (Nightly / Check-ins / Smoke)
    • Tools: Python / Selenium / Robotframework / Stripe / Behave / Gitlab (CI/CD) / GitlabCI / API Automation / K6.io (Performance Test) / Docker /

    June 2021 - May 2022 | Yerevan, Armenia
    QA Automation Developer

    Founded in 2014, Snapp is Iran's first and biggest mobile and web-based smart transportation system. In 2018, Snapp turned into a super app, and now it offers Snapp group services. With this comprehensive application, you can reserve a ride, a motorcycle, a truck, order food, make hotel reservations, reserve a hostel, book a bus or plane, and more.

    As a QA Automation Engineer (Developer), I was responsible for:

    • Sketching out ideas for automated software test procedures
    • Implementing and maintenance automation scripts using Pure Python/Selenium/Appium/RobotFramework, etc.
    • Run the automated test-cases against the Snapp's Mobile App/Web App/API
    • Working with Snapp's backends including Databases, APIs, Cloud environments, and etc to ensure maximum test code coverage.
    • R&D on QA developing to be updated with the latest technologies and solving challenges
    • Collaborating with other teams to solve application faults found by automated tests
    • Tools: Python / Appium (Mobile Automation) / Selenium / RobotFramework / Kubernetes (Openshift) / Gitlab (CI/CD) / GitlabCI / Testrail / STF in-house device farm / BrowserStack / Docker / Confluence / JIRA / Bash

    Jan 2020 - Jun 2021 | Tehran, Iran
    QA Lead
    • Built a QA Team from scratch and implemented all QA activities including test documentation, test planning and test running. Responsible for multiple projects. (7 team members when leaving).
    • Hired and onboarded various QA team members.
    • Built a codeless UI/API/Mobile automation framework using Katalon Studio and onboarded manual QAs to use and contribute to automation.
    • Implemented STLC best practices covering all requirements to align with SDLC and release plans (by considering risks).
    • Performed functional and non-functional test plans (with the team) and delivered comprehensive reports for each cycle.
    • Tools: Katalon Studio / Groovy / SquashTM / YouTrack / GitlabCI / Postman / Firebase / Bash / Powershell / TestLink

    Nov 2018 - Dec 2019 | Dubai, UAE
    QA Lead / App Reviewer
    QA Lead

    Tadbir Gostaran Behine Saz (TGBS co) was a leading IT company in Iran and had a wide range of applications and projects.

    • Built a QA team and test process from scratch for the multiple projects listed below. (led 5 team members).
    • Onboarded all PMs and key team leads in QA to establish an agile testing culture.
    • Main Projects:

      IranApps | Medal | Clipo | Bilano | 18Salegi | Winigames | Hambazi | Kholase | GanjeAshena | etc.

      Tools: Postman / YouTrack / Firebase / Bash / Powershell / TestLink

    Jul 2017 - Nov 2018 | Tehran, Iran
    App Review Lead (IranApps)

    Led a team of 3 app reviewers/QAs in IranApps.

    Jan 2017 - Jul 2017 | Tehran, Iran
    App Reviewer

    Tadbir Gostaran Behine Saz (TGBS co) was a leading IT company in Iran and had multiple various applications and projects.

    IranApps was one of the largest Android stores in the Middle East and one of TGBS projects. In IranApps, I was a tester and app reviewer (auditor), responsible for reviewing the apps pending release. In IranApps, I played hundreds of applications and games every day that were developed with different technologies and features.

    Jul 2015 - Jan 2017 | Tehran, Iran



    Shell Scripting

    Web Automation


    Mobile Automation

    Katalon Studio

    API Automation

    Katalon Studio

    Unit | Integration tests

    Testing Library

    Performance Test


    VCS | CI/CD | Environments

    Github | GH Actions
    Gitlab | Gitlab-CI

    Test Management

    Jira XRAY


    Allure Report

    HTTP Monitor | Debugging Proxy

    Charles Proxy




    University of Applied Science and Technology

    Tehran, Iran

    Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (BE) - Information Technology
    CGPA: 3.2/4.0
    WES Verification

    Hasheminejad Technical College

    Sari, Iran

    Degree: Associate's of Electronics

    WES Verification